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Blues King
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Based on Recording King's classic tricone resonator, and over 5 years in the making, the Blues King features extensive hand-engraving by designer Greg Rich. Aficionados and collectors will love the detailed and surreal scenes of classic Mississippi Delta blues and New Orleans Mardi Gras combined with angels and demons offering deliverance or irresistible temptations in exchange for players' souls.

Designer Greg Rich calls this his tribute to music's classic “bluesman meets the devil” theme. “In my opinion, (the Blues King) is the most highly engraved tricone in history. I couldn't count the hours that I have into this piece. It has to be in the thousands” Rich says about his custom creation.

This is an extraordinary one-off art piece that's impossible to duplicate. It's finished in a matte nickel with a satin patina that shows all of the detail in the engraving and will look even more exceptional as it ages.



Specifications & Features

Body: Nickel-Plated Bell Brass
Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Rosewood
Cone Material: Hand-Spun Aluminum
Cone: Recording King, 9.5"
Coverplate: Custom Engraved Tricone, Brass
Headstock: Plated Recording King Logo
Tailpiece: Bell Brass
Bridge: T-Bridge with Maple/Ebony Saddle
Position Markers: M.O.P. Dot
Tuners: Golden Age Restoration Tuners, 2516
Nut, Width: 1-7/8"
Scale Length: 25.4"
Depth: 3.25"
Upper Bout: 10-3/8"
Lower Bout: 14-3/8"
Body Length: 20"
Total Length: 39"