Metal Body Resonator, Style-0, Chickenfoot Coverplate

  • Nickel-Plated Bell Brass Body

  • 25” Scale Length

  • 1-3/4" Nut Width

  • Hand-Spun European Recording King Cone

Modeled after the original pre-war resonator guitars, our Recording King resonators are some of the foremost metal body guitars on the market. Thanks to their bell brass bodies, they have incredible projection and classic resonator tone.

The Recording King Style-O features a 9.5" hand-spun European Recording King cone, a Honduran mahogany neck and a hard maple bridge. From professional artists to beginners, these resonators have made a huge impression on players.



Model #:RM-998-D
Body:Nickel-Plated Bell Brass
Cone Material:Hand-Spun Aluminum
Cone:Recording King, 9.5"
Coverplate:Chicken Feet (RM-998-D)
Tailpiece:Bell Brass
Bridge:Hard Maple with Ebony/Maple Saddle
Position Markers:M.O.P. Dot
Nut, Width:1-3/4"
Scale Length:24-7/8"
Finish Options:Nickel-Plated Bell Brass